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Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco

Serving The Entire Monterey Bay Peninsula Area And Salinas
Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco                   MORE THAN JUST VENDING
Company Mission Statement

We are committed to providing reliable, efficient and convenient vending options. Servco will service, maintain and support each location and machine with priority. We pledge to be responsive to our client’s immediate needs and encompass our ever changing industry. We strive to be the best, today and tomorrow.

Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco
Service and Nutrition is our priority

Service is King: After our initial consultation, the process begins. We set up, maintain and most importantly service the machine in a timely manner. Our Machines will always have the product available when you want them. Set-up time is typically 2 weeks, with a maximum of 4 weeks.

Healthiest & Best-Tasting Products.

We know what students, employees and customers want, and we know what they're willing to pay. Most importantly, With our "healthier", "healthy", and "healthiest" product options, we're sure to locate the product mix that is appropriate for you.

• Competitive pricing

• Fresh snack products

• Extensive product range

Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco
Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco                                                       Equipment
Servco Vending, offers a complete line of snack, soda, coffee, and water equipment..
We have developed an efficient maintenance system that keeps our vending machines in optimum performance and ensures uninterrupted service.

- All our machines are maintained according to factory standards.

- Our technical team is made up of technicians with vast experience in the field.

- Machines are installed at no cost to you.

- We will provide a vending machine that is appropriate for the room, number of employees, and special needs.

- Our machines are as dependable as the person who services them.

- Improvements and changes in service and equipment are on-going.

Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco
Cold Beverages in various sizes
Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco
Hot Coffee, Tea & Soup
Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco
Temperature controlled
machines for Candy
Dry Snacks, Chips etc…
*Product line subject to availability.
Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco                                      Signature Series
The vending machine industry continues to grow and accommodate the needs of our clients. Servco also offers our Signature Series.
This series encompasses a true turn key vending solution. Signature series has options:

• Vending machines

• Change machines

• Trash receptacles

• Recycle receptacles

• Built in Microwaves

• Built in Tables for coffee accessories

• Recessed lighting

• Area lighting


Built in Recycling
or Trash Bins

Our Signature Series are Modular

• Designed for your area.

•Accommodate your specific needs

•Makes vending less intrusive

•Matched décor of office

Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco                         Product Availability
Vending Machine Product List*

Here is a sample product list from our company. We are flexible and want to put items in the machines that your employees desire. If you do not see your favorite product please let us know.

Coke / Diet Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite
Fanta Orange
Mr Pibb / Nestea
Minute Maid Lemonade
Barqs Rootbeer
Pepsi / Diet Pepsi
Mt Dew / Diet Mt Dew
Dr Pepper / Dt Dr Pepper
Lipton / 7UP / Diet 7Up
Diet AW Root Beer
Sunkist Orange

Non Carbonated Drinks
Dasani Bottled Water
Aquafina Bottled Water
Arrowhead Spring Water
Various Juices
Assorted Snapple
Sports Drinks: Gatorade / Powerade
Sobe No Fear, Rockstar, Monster,
Full Throttle Energy Drinks

Candy Bars
Snickers / Snickers Crunchy
M&M Peanut / M&M Plain
Hershey Chocolate
Hershey Almonds
Skittles \ 3 Musketeers
Big Kat Kit Kat
Nestle Crunch
Nestle Tollhouse Bar
Almond Joy / Twix
Fastbreak / Babe Ruth
Butterfinger / Nutrageous

Doritos Nacho / Doritos Cool Ranch
Fritos Regular / Fritos Chilli Cheese
Lays Classic / Lays KC BBQ
Lays Salt & Vinegar
Lays Sour Cream Onion
Cheetos Crunchy
Cheetos Hot
Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream
Miss Vickies Jalapeno
Synders Veggie Crisps

Cookies / Pastries
Grandmas Cookies: All types
Knots Strawberry Shortcake
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip
Hostess Ho Ho's
Trailmix / Gold Fish
Welchs Fruit Snacks
Baked Lays / Chex Mix
Pretzels / Beef Jerky
Breakfast Bars
Peanuts / Pop Corn
Cheese Crackers
Marchaun Soups

Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco
*Products subject to availability.
Monterey, CA - Vending - Servco              Request For Information
Thank you for allowing us to submit a proposal for service for your company. In order for Servco to better prepare a more detailed and personalized plan of action and service, Please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions below and then fax to our main office.

Thank you,

Tim Silva

Servco Vending,

PO Box 1491, Gonzales, Ca. 93926

Cell: 831.970.2723

Please describe you current vending service now.

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